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Get to Know Kingston’s Heating and
Cooling Systems Experts

We are a professional, skilled team who are here to provide you with solutions to problem and get you the right system for your and your home. We are not pushy sales people that will tell you what you need,  we let you decide what you need based on the information and opinions we provide.

Designed Specifically for Your Home

Unlike most companies that use off-the-shelf parts to cobble a system for you, Reins designs and builds a heating and cooling system specifically for your home. We plan a unique solution to every new installation or retrofit. Your home size, heat loss, layout, and comfort are carefully considered. Custom duct work is designed and created in our workshop for a perfect fit.

Experience to Master Every Problem

Reins technicians stand out for their years of experience. Each technician has the necessary skill and experience to fix your problem, and meticulous care goes into every job so you feel secure in a job well done.

Carrier Is Hands Down Your Best System.

Carrier offers a wide range of heating and air conditioning products to suit every home and budget. Your ideal system may include furnaces, air conditioners, heat pumps, heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems, air purifiers and more.

If it is best for you, we carry it.

Code of ethics

Consumer Protection Policy Offered by Reins in Kingston

Code of Ethics and Competency Guide
HVAC Contractors Reputation

Protect yourself from non-reputable companies who leave jobs unfinished or from those who insist on large upfront payments, then disappear without completing the job.

Five “Consumer Protection Policies” Reins will provide to ensure that we are reputable.

  1. Current business license
  2. We are fully insured
  3. Current references
  4. Trade association certificates
  5. Written quote or bid
Professionalism and Competency

Protect yourself against… poor workmanship and theft. Make sure the technicians comply with a courtesy standard.

Nine “Consumer Protection Policies” Reins strives to enforce within our company.

  1. All employees are trained and competent.
  2. All employees will be required to pass a background check.
  3. All employees will never use profanity or tobacco in the home, or in the presence of the customer.
  4. Each employee resolves any customer’s concerns promptly and efficiently.
  5. Consuming alcohol is prohibited while on duty.
  6. All employees will take measure to respect the cleanliness of floors and stairs of the customer.
  7. Technicians are required to maintain a standard of cleanliness and appropriate clothing to respect and not offend the customer.
  8. All employees will ensure that the work area is cleaned to equal or better than when they arrived on the job.
  9. All technicians will ensure that the customer is satisfied with the installation, the cleanliness of the area and fully explain the operation of the equipment before they leave the customer’s home.

Too Hot or Too Cold?

Trust our certified technicians and get the comfort you need.